Market Entry & Compliance


This page includes information on the process of entering and exiting the electricity market and how your performance as a BSC Party will be managed and monitored.

Market Entry

This page includes information on the process of entering the electricity market and answers questions such as:

  • How long does the Market Entry process take?
  • What are the costs associated with being a BSC Party?
  • What are the Central Volume Allocation (CVA) system requirements?
  • Are there any costs associated with the Low Grade and High Grade services?
  • Do I need to lodge collateral (Credit Cover) with Elexon?

Most Suppliers, Generators, and Licensed Distribution System Operators (LDSOs) may have to become a BSC Party because it is a condition within their Ofgem licence. Other companies wishing to trade within the BSC arrangements may also have to do so.

Performance Assurance

This page will tell you all about the different ways that we monitor and manage your performance against your requirements and obligations within the Balancing and Settlement Code (BSC).

Part of Elexon’s role as administrator of the BSC is to monitor the compliance of all BSC parties and to run Performance Assurance activities. There are a number of techniques that Elexon uses to confirm compliance or identify issues that may need to be addressed

Exiting the Market

For a BSC Party to withdraw from the BSC it must comply with the requirements within BSC Section A – Parties and Participation. The Exiting the Market page will explain the process in detail and guide you through the various steps.


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