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  • Market Entry

    If you wish to trade under the BSC arrangements you will need to go through entry assessments described in this section

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  • Market Compliance

    A number of activities and processes ensure that BSC Parties, Party Agents and BSC Agents adhere to a number of performance standards and targets described in the BSC and Related Documents.

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  • Technical Operations

    This section gathers together content focused on the more technical aspects relating to the Balancing and Settlement Code (BSC).

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  • Market Exit

    This section contains information about de-registering and withdrawing from the BSC arrangements.

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  • Smart Metering, Smarter Markets and Smart Grids

    Smart metering is one of the biggest challenges to face the energy industry since privatisation. As an organisation that manages wholesale electricity settlement, ELEXON has a key role to play in helping the industry meet that challenge.

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  • EU Legislation Directly Impacting on the BSC

    ELEXON monitors and engages with European developments to identify and assess potential impacts on BSC systems and processes.

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