Performance Assurance Techniques used to address Settlement Risks


Each year, the BSC Panel and the PAB identify, evaluate and prioritise the risks that may occur within Settlement and the extent to which they apply to each Performance Assurance Parties (PAPs). Elexon conform to an agreed process assess each PAP based on the Settlement Risks that they may pose and this process includes the timetable, the methodology and the various reports.

How it relates to you

The Performance Assurance process will affect all the Performance Assurance Parties. These are:

  • Suppliers
  • Meter Operator Agents
  • Data Collectors
  • Data Aggregators
  • Meter Administrators
  • Licensed Distribution System Operators and/or a Registrant

Techniques used in the process

The Performance Assurance Framework (PAF) is a complementary set of preventive, detective, incentive and remedial assurance techniques. These techniques are used flexibly to address Settlement Risks.

A Settlement Risk is anything that could pose a risk to accurate Settlement: it could be a failure in a process or an error in data.

The Performance Assurance Techniques must address risks to Settlement and the impact of actual failures or errors in Settlement.

Preventive Techniques

Detective Techniques

Incentive Techniques

Remedial Techniques

List of Risk within the Risk Evaluation Register

Identify where Settlement Risks commonly occur in BSC processes:


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