Analysis and Insights Team


We help our customers, Data Providers, Forecasters, Traders and Researchers make key decisions by providing immediate and real-time access to all the electricity market information and insight they need.

We collect, consolidate, validate and visualise all the information, adding value through insight and forecasts. All of this has historically been delivered through the Balancing Mechanism Reporting Service (BMRS) which over time will migrated to our new Insights Solution, backed up with full API data and rapid download capability.

Our core services

  • Market Data and APIs

    Real-time access providing clear transparent, accessible energy data on the wholesale market through the BMRS, which is the industry’s ‘go to’ source of statistics on demand, generation, Sytem Prices and other indicators, providing clear charts and dashboards, backed up with full API data and rapid download capability.

  • Market support

    The Analysis & Insights team collect, consolidate and visualise all the information for you, adding value through insight and forecasts. We help you keep up to speed and stay ahead thanks to our Market Analysis Support. Training, daily updates on key events in the market, and help with your day-to-day queries will ensure you know how to respond to market events in the blink of an eye.

  • Training services

    The Analysis & Insights team have expert knowledge of Elexon data and the energy domain. We can tailor training services to suit your need whether it is from accessing the data or help you understand the data and how this can help extract value to your organisation.

Meet the team

View Zaahir Ghanty

Zaahir GhantyRead More

Product Owner at Elexon
[email protected]

I am the Analysis & Insight Product Owner at Elexon. 

View Ban Mac

Ban MacRead More

Senior Product Analyst at Elexon
[email protected]

I am a Senior Product Analyst in the Analysis & Insight Team at Elexon and lead on the Credit Assessment Price process.

View Matthew Slocombe

Matthew SlocombeRead More

Product Analyst at Elexon
[email protected]

Matthew Slocombe is a Product Analyst in the Analysis and Insights team at Elexon working on the data reports and processes.

View Muhammad Usman

Muhammad UsmanRead More

Product Analyst in the Analysis & Insight Team at Elexon
[email protected]

I am a Product Analyst at Elexon and I look at the data we collect from around the industry and use this to inform decisions and develop data reports.


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