Joint European Stakeholder Group (JESG)

The Joint European Stakeholder Group (JESG) is an open pan-industry GB Stakeholder forum which covers the implementation of European Network Codes (ENC), and other areas of European electricity policy that may impact GB Stakeholders in due course.


The Joint European Stakeholder Group provides a single group for GB stakeholders to engage on all aspects of European Policy.

JESG is open to all GB interested parties. However, JESG is not a decision-making body.

Elexon attends meetings of JESG as part of our role of BSC administrator.

National Grid acts as the Technical Secretary and administrator of the JESG. 

Details on how to attend JESG meetings, and/or to be added to the mailing list for correspondence are available on the National Grid website.

Meetings and agenda

An agenda is prepared by National Grid in consultation with Elexon and the Chair. The agenda is circulated to members and publish on the National Grid website.

A headline report is published after the meeting.

Accessing JESG information


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