F602 01 SVA Non Final Demand Facility Declaration web form


This form is an online version of the F602/01 Declaration form in BSCP602 and represents Part B-D that would be filled in by the Facility Operator. Once submitted this will go directly to the relevant Supplier(s) in the Elexon Kinnect Customer Solution for them to authorise and submit to the SVAA for further validation. Your Supplier(s) will notify you if your Declaration has been successful or not.

Please note that enquiries on facility and declaration details should be sent to your supplier not to Elexon.

Metering Facility Non-Final Demand Declaration registration form

Declaration Information

Please enter the following details related to the Declaration.

Unique ID generated by SVAA. Leave blank if Declaration Type is new.
Unique value assigned by the Facility Operator used as the ID to identify single declarations or unite multiple Declarations relating to different Suppliers.
Declaration Set EFD reflects date Facility Declaration takes effect . Date should be today or in the future.

Facility Details

Please enter the following details related to the Facility.

Unique code for Facility assigned by Facility Operator. ( Ideally numerical)
Based on definitions on National Grid website under CUSC Section 11.
Address of Facility location within GB.
Type of technology such as: Battery, Wind Turbine, etc.
Maximum Import Capacity in MW.
Maximum Export Capacity in MW.
Date from which the Facility should be recorded as a Facility.
Total number of Metering Systems measuring Imports to and Exports from the Facility. May be registered by one or more suppliers.

Facility Operator Contact Details

Please enter the details of an appropriate contact, as well as a Director (as registered in Companies House) of the Facility. Please note, these can be the same person.

Please use the company name registered with Companies House however please truncate if this exceeds 30 characters.
As registered with Companies House.
As registered with Companies House.
Up to eight character ID assigned by the Facility Operator.

Supplier(s) Details

Please enter the following details related to the Supplier.
Please note that the Supplier contact and email provided will be the person who receives the email notification for validation.

A unique four letter ID for the Supplier.

Technical Details

Please enter the details of each metering system (MSID) related to the Supplier above.
For multiple MSID's please select the + sign on the right hand side. This will produce a new set of fields for you to add further MSID details.
Submit and Clone can be used where a Declaration has multiple Suppliers.

  1. Metering System Identifier is the same as the 13 character MPAN.
    The date from which the MSID is registered by the Supplier in SMRS.
    GSP Group within which the Facility is connected.
    The Market Participant ID for the Half Hourly Data Aggregator appointed by a Supplier to a Metering System.
    Date from which a Supplier appoints or appointed a HHDA to a Metering System.


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