Insights Solution ongoing development and planning


The Kinnect Insights Solution is publishing production BMRS data and will remain in BETA until the data reports have been successfully migrated from the ageing BMRS platform.

The decommissioning of the legacy BMRS and data publishing endpoints such as Data Push Service and TIBCO is published here.

Our roadmap

The following document provides a complete list of all BMRS datasets, where they are moving to or have moved to; including those datasets that will not be migrated. You will be able to cross reference the old service names with the new names, and where you can locate them.

We publish additional variations of the datasets as opinionated API endpoints on the developer Portal.

Current functionality

The Insights Solution provides three endpoints for accessing data: a website for interactive users, RESTful APIs and a real-time data subscription service referred to as Insights Solution Realtime Information Service (IRIS).

We have migrated many of the existing content on to the new platform, and are on track to make the Insights Solution fully operational by February 2024.

Developments now taking place

The following developments have been delivered.


Webpages that are currently available on the Insights Solution include:

  • Actual aggregated generation per type
  • Actual or estimated wind and solar power generation
  • Credit default notices
  • Daily energy transmitted
  • Day-ahead aggregated generation
  • Demand Control Instructions
  • Demand forecast
  • Demand outturn
  • Generation by fuel type
  • Generation forecast
  • Generation forecast for wind & solar
  • Indicated forecasts
  • Indicative peak demand
  • Interconnector flows
  • Loss of load probability (LoLP) and de-rated margin
  • Rolling system demand
  • Rolling system frequency
  • SO-SO trade prices
  • Surplus forecast and margin
  • System Warning events
  • Temperature
  • Total load: actual and day-ahead forecast
  • Total load: week-ahead forecast
  • Wind generation

API Documentation for developers

Elexon Insights Solution API Documentation is a comprehensive self service area for developers and Elexon data users to discover our published API endpoints.

Instant data updates 

All of our data sets on the Insights Solution are available in near real time through our Insights Solution Realtime Information Service (IRIS). It’s a free service providing an automated push of JSON files as they come in, with minimal latency and automatic outage recovery.

Developments next in our roadmap

The following developments are expected to be delivered in February 2024.


Webpages that are currently being built include:

  • Bid Acceptance Volumes
  • Offer Acceptance Volumes
  • Indicative Period Bid Acceptance Volumes
  • Indicative Period Offer Acceptance Volumes
  • Indicative Period Bid Cashflow
  • Indicative Period Offer Cashflow
  • System Sell & System Buy Prices

Retiring of legacy systems – TIBCO software and High Grade line

A recommendation to decommission the TIBCO and High Grade line which supplies users with near real time updates on wholesale market data from our Balancing Mechanism Reporting Service (BMRS) has been made. A BSC Change modification proposal was presented  to the Balancing and Settlement Code (BSC) Panel seeking to retire this service. The Insights Solution Realtime Information Service (IRIS) is an alternative system.

Future Developments

We will continue to introduce new features and functionality to the Insights Solution during 2024 and beyond.


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