Elexon governance and finances


The Elexon governance and finance page resides on the Elexon corporate website. The page lists details about our finances and how they are managed as well as various reports detailing our activity and company policies.

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Background to our governance and finances

  • Latest Annual Report and Financial Statements
  • Previous Annual Report and Financial Statements
  • Business plan
  • Treasury policy
  • Agreement with tax authorities
  • Code of ethics
  • Environmental policy

Modification P324, implemented on 11 November 2016, proposed introducing changes to BSCCo’s governance arrangements. This was in order to address the issues identified in the Knight Review, an independent review of Elexon’s governance arrangements jointly commissioned by the BSCCo Board and the BSC Panel.

Additional information

The Voting Register, Business Plan and Annual report page are available to the Elexon Board web page on the corporate website.

There you will find information on:

  • Board membership
  • Responsibilities between Chairman and Chief Executive
  • Governance documents
  • Board meetings and circulars
  • General Meetings
  • Annual BSC Meeting
  • Voting Share Register
  • Audit and Risk Committee
  • Nominations Committee
  • Remuneration committee


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