ELEXON business plan and annual reports

This page contains our current and previous Business Strategy documents, which describe our key activities and annual budget. The page also includes the Annual BSC Reports which summarises the Panel’s and ELEXON’s activities for the past BSC year.

BSCCo Business Plan

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2018/19 Business Plan

The final version of our 2018/19 Business Plan has been published.

BSCCo Business Plan for 2018/19 – final version

As we believe it is the right time to take cross-code working initiatives to the next level, our newly published 2018/19 Business Plan  includes our newly revised vision and strategic focus that will help foster closer collaboration.

The 2018/19 BSCCo Business Plan, which has been approved by the ELEXON Board details the activities we will focus on during the year to help us on our way to meet our 2025 vision.

We’d like to thank the BSC Panel and those BSC Parties who provided feedback on the draft Business Plan. If at any time you have any questions about the Business Plan, please email Communications at communications@elexon.co.uk.

Annual BSC Reports

The Annual BSC Report summarises the Panel’s and ELEXON’s activities for the past BSC year.

BSCCo Business Plan

The Business Plan is in two parts; a Business Strategy describing our key activities for the coming year, and an Annual Budget setting out the associated costs.


On 16 January 2018, Mark Bygraves, ELEXON’s CEO and Alina Bakhareva, Strategy and Market Advisor ran through the highlights of the strategy and budget for 2018/19.

This webinar was aimed at anyone interested in providing comments on the BSCCo Business Plan for 2018/19.


Held in January 2017, this 30-minute webinar gave BSC Parties an opportunity to hear more about the 2017/18 BSCCo Business Plan, to ask questions on the strategy and budget and to provide their feedback on the proposed Business Plan.

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