Elexon business plan and annual BSC reports


The Business Plan and Annual report page resides on the Elexon corporate website. The page lists details about our finances and how they are managed as well as various reports that detail our activity, company policies and more.

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Background to our reports and policies

The web page on Elexon’s corporate website includes the following information:

Annual Report and Financial Statements

  • Strategic and Director Report
  • Corporate Governance Statement
  • Independent Auditor’s Report
  • Consolidated profit and loss account
  • Company balance sheet

Business plan

We annually publish our business plan for the upcoming year. We release a draft version of the plan in December, which allows customers the chance to give feedback. We will then publish a complete version the following March.

Elexon’s financial information

  • Treasury policy
  • Agreement with tax authorities

Code of ethics

This Code of Ethics applies to Elexon’s directors, its employees and its contractors.

Environmental policy

Where practical, Elexon will seek to use providers who have environmental policies compatible with its own.


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