Enhancements to BSC content and services


This page highlights the enhancements that Elexon has recently introduced or is working on and that relate to the BSC services we offer to our customers.

Customer engagement

Voice of the Customer strategy

As part of Elexon’s operating model we are developing a customer focused strategy, called Voice of the Customer, which is a process for capturing customer requirements and feedback to help inform the development of the services we offer. This should enable customers to influence how services are designed to meet their needs and expectations. Key methods for obtaining customer feedback will be user groups associated to each of the products and services, and expanded use of the email alerting service and surveys listed below.

If you have any feedback about our BSC services, please contact your OSM or the Communications and Engagement team.

Strategic activity: ongoing 2021-2022

General content improvements

View of BSC Change by role web pageRole based Change pages

We have created new web pages that enable customers to locate Modifications and Change Proposals based on the roles they impact.

The page lists all of the industry roles that have been identified as being impacted by BSC Change Modifications and Change Proposals. Please note that the assessment of where impacts may affect certain roles within the electricity market may be amended during the course of the Change process.

Development released: May 2022

Credit pages

We have added the following web pages to the BSC website to help customer understand the specifics around Credit Cover:

Development released: May 2022

Kinnect customer solution

Kinnect Customer Solution iconThe Customer Solution (self-service gateway) went live in January 2021 and offers organisations the ability to access a dedicated area to manage their company details such as addresses, contacts, authorised signatories and assets.

The service will undergo continuous enhancements to expand the options available to our customers and to ensure that it is intuitive and easy to use.

The Customer Solution currently includes My Company information and the Market Entry process. Further phases will include improvements to the initial services and the Market Exit process.

Development release: ongoing 2021-2022

Digitalisation of the BSC documents

Example of the homepage design for the Digital Code website

The first iteration of the digital code has been made available and we are inviting feedback from our customers as this will help us develop the site to meet customer needs.

The site includes the BSC, the subsidiary documents, Guidance Notes and Simple Guides and comprises around 10,000 pages.

Development release: customer feedback April 2022

Insights solution

Kinnect Insight Solution iconThe Beta version of the Elexon Kinnect Insights Solution is now available to customers to review, test and offer feedback. The website will remain in Beta status where we will continue to add new content and data reports currently published on our BMRS website. 

The Insights Solution will facilitate receiving, processing and publishing data. This will also allow BSC Parties to gain insights from BSC and BMRS data. Our vision is to build on Elexon’s data capabilities so that the Insights Solution becomes the ‘go to’ platform for the GB energy industry.

Development release: Beta version ongoing from June 2022

Settlement solution

Kinnect Settlement Solution iconThe Settlement Solution will handle our core balancing and settlement operations. It establishes several modular components, which access data storage and processing technologies that can be developed quickly in response to changes in market rules, without unduly impacting other services.

Development release: project stage 2021-2022


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