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The BSC Change process is used to progress changes to the BSC arrangements in response to any concerns, problems or defects that Parties may identify in the current processes. Under these processes, changes can be made to the Balancing and Settlement Code, its Code Subsidiary Documents and to BSC Systems.

The BSC Change processes are defined under BSC Section F ‘Modification Procedures’ and BSCP40 ‘Change Management’.

For further information on the BSC Change process and the different types of Changes, please see our BSC Change Process guidance.


Meet the Change Team

We are here to help you throughout the Change process. Each proposal is allocated its own dedicated Lead Analyst who will be responsible for progressing that Change and will able to answer any questions you may have. In addition, we can offer you advice and guidance on any potential proposals you may want to raise, and will offer you support throughout your proposal’s subsequent progression.