About the BSC change process

The Balancing and Settlement Code (BSC) Change process is used to introduce changes to the BSC arrangements in response to any concerns, problems or defects that Parties may identify in the current processes. Under these processes, changes can be made to the BSC, its Code Subsidiary Documents (CSDs) and to BSC Systems.

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Raising a Change

Latest Changes

  • Change Report and Change Register – we produce two summary documents that give an overview of the latest progress to active and/or closed Modifications, Change Proposals and Issues. Each are updated regularly and are useful for keeping up-to-date.
  • Change Proposal Circulars – published monthly when communicating Change Proposals for Industry Participant Impact Assessment responses.

List of Changes

  • Modifications – these are raised to introduce changes that would alter any part of the BSC legal text. Any CSDs or BSC Systems impacted by the proposed changes would also be updated as part of the Modification.
  • Change Proposals – these are detailed proposals which are raised to amend CSDs and/or BSC Systems, but would not alter the BSC legal text itself.
  • Issues – these are problems or potential issues with the current arrangements whereby the solution is unknown or undefined, so once raised will be discussed by an industry expert Issue Group to consider possible solutions.
  • Changes by role – this page lists the industry roles that have been identified as being impacted by BSC Change Modifications and Change Proposals. Please note that the assessment of where impacts may affect certain roles within the electricity market may be amended during the course of the Change process.

Updated ways of working 

The BSC Change team have published a new video outlining the changes they have made to their ways of working during the year 2020/21. Following feedback from our Parties in our annual Customer Survey, the changes include finding new ways to progress BSC Change and supporting Market Participants. They have also been working in a number of areas to improve Parties’ experience of the Change process. Improved areas include:

  • new ways of reporting
  • improved governance
  • updated communication and engagement
  • planning future changes now

EBGL Change Process webinar

Watch our video to find out how the BSC Change process has been amended to include the EBGL Change process.

Streamlining the Modification Process

We have proposed ‘quick wins’ in order to offer a more consistent process for making changes to the 11 energy industry codes.

Find out how six proposals could speed up the process and reduce the burden on market participants.  


The Releases process is part of the BSC change procedure and includes information about where changes are being introduced, how they impact on certain areas of the industry and whether your systems will need to undergo tests to ensure they are up-to-date and meet required standards.

Getting involved

If you are interested in raising a Change, joining a Workgroup or Issue Group, responding to a Consultation or have any Change-related queries, please email the Change Team, where we will be happy to help.

Change Workgroups

The BSC Panel will establish a Modification Workgroup when a Modification Proposal is submitted to an Assessment Procedure.

Watch our video to find out how to successfully participate in a Workgroup:

Keeping up to date

We issue email notifications to the industry to provide information on Modifications, Change Proposals, Issues and Releases. This includes information on new Changes being raised, consultations being issued and decisions being made.

If you would like to be on the distribution list to receive these notifications on Modifications, Change Proposals and Issues, please email the Change Team.

If you would like to be on the distribution list to recieve BSC Release information, please email the Releases team.

Guidance and advice

We are here to help you throughout the Change process. Each proposal is allocated its own dedicated Lead Analyst who will be responsible for progressing that Change and will able to answer any questions you may have. In addition, we can offer you advice and guidance on any potential proposals you may want to raise, and will offer you support throughout your proposal’s subsequent progression.


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