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Trading Disputes Committee (TDC)

The TDC ensures that all Trading Disputes and Manifest Errors are resolved so that errors are corrected and the integrity of Settlement maintained.

For more information about Trading Disputes download the Overview of the Trading Disputes Process information sheet.

The TDC is appointed by and reports to the BSC Panel. Its principal functions and powers are:

  • To investigate and resolve all Trading Disputes;
  • To monitor the operation of, and recommend Modifications to, the BSC Procedures which support the Dispute processes; and
  • To recommend Modification or Change Proposals to the BSC Panel arising from TDC activities.

The TDC is also responsible for ruling on claims of Manifest Error, determining the replacement bid/offer prices in such circumstances, and considering any claims for compensation.

Interested in becoming an TDC Member?  Apply using our online form or contact tdcsecretary@elexon.co.uk for more information.


  • Ed Morris

    Chairman (ELEXON)

  • Freya Gardiner

    Technical Secretary

  • Stuart Cotten

    Panel Sponsor

  • Andrew Kelsall

    Industry Member

  • David Jackson

    Industry Member

  • Geoff Matthews

    Industry Member

  • Mark Thomas

    Industry Member

  • Pauline Babb

    Industry Member

  • Gregory Mackenzie

    Industry Member

  • Mark Bellman

    Industry Member

  • Matthew Talbot

    Industry Member Alternate

Trading Disputes Committee (TDC) - Historical Meetings