Modification Workgroups

The BSC Panel will establish a Modification Workgroup whenever a Modification Proposal is submitted for an Assessment Procedure. The Workgroup will carry out a detailed assessment of the Modification and produce an Assessment Report for the BSC Panel, together with its recommendations, in order to help the BSC Panel in the decision making process.

How can I volunteer?

To volunteer to be a Modification Workgroup member, please visit the Volunteering for Groups page and fill in the form there. We will then send you all the required paperwork to become a Workgroup member.

Watch our video about how to register to become a Workgroup member:

Please note that you will only need to do this once, and you are then free to join any future Modification Workgroups. You do not need to complete this process if you only wish to attend as a non-voting participant.

What is involved?

A Workgroup member will need to be part of the Workgroup for the lifetime of that Modification Proposal. During this time, members are expected to:

  • Act as independent experts
  • Attend a minimum of one half of all Workgroup meetings
  • Undertake work outside of meetings (such as reviewing documents sent by email)

Workgroup members are selected for their expertise and experience, and not as representatives of the companies they work for.

Each member is required to submit an Employer Release Letter before they can become a member, and they must then act objectively and independently in accordance with this letter whilst part of a Workgroup. 

Workgroup members are obliged to confirm their availability to attend the appropriate meetings and carry out relevant work. Although this may not always be possible, it is important for the continuity of discussions to ensure that a reasonably consistent group of people are present across the meetings.

Who can participate?

A Modification Workgroup’s membership will consist of:

  • The Proposer (or a representative appointed by them);
  • At least five industry experts who have qualified to act as independent Workgroup members; and
  • A representative from the Transmission Company (at the discretion of National Grid).

Anyone with experience or expertise in the subject matter of the Modification may be appointed a Workgroup member (see below for how to volunteer).

There will also be at least one, and usually two, Elexon employees on a Workgroup (the chairman and the Lead Analyst). Other Elexon employees may attend meetings as required (usually the Lead Lawyer and a Design Authority representative or other technical specialist).

Ofgem employees and BSC Panel Members may attend meetings as attendees, but are not entitled to be Workgroup members as they already have roles in the Modifications process. The meetings are also open to any other representatives of BSC Parties, who may attend at the discretion of the Workgroup chairman.

These participants may take part in discussions and contribute to the analysis during Workgroup meetings, but will not be able to vote when the Workgroup comes to make its recommendations.

Claiming expenses

Members are entitled to be reimbursed for reasonable expenses incurred in attending meetings or otherwise in conducting the business of the Workgroup. Please note that non-voting participants cannot claim expenses.


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