Working at ELEXON

If you are interested in working in either this sector or developing your skills through one of our subject specialists or one of our support roles, then it is worth considering ELEXON.

We have over 100 staff based at our London office with many experts in their field. Some have worked in the energy sector for many years, whilst others bring fresh skills and perspective from other sectors. Together we ensure that we deliver a great service to our customers and maintain our continuous delivery of the BSC.

Day in the life of …

What we do

Our role within the Electricity Sector places us at its heart of the sector ensuring the smooth operation of the wholesale electricity market. We compare how much electricity generators and suppliers said they would produce or consume with actual volumes.

List of example roles:

  • Settlement Analyst
  • Compliance Analyst
  • Change Analyst
  • Business Analyst
  • Project manager
  • Communications managers
  • Facilities managers

Customer feedback

ELEXON's infographic explains why our customers rate us as the best code manager.

What our staff think

Each year we run an anonymous staff survey so that we can find out how our staff feel about working at ELEXON and whether there are any improvements we can introduce to ELEXON. The current contract for our staff survey is with EmployeeFeedback who collate the results and remove any information that can identify individual members of staff.

The results are presented to our Executive team who are taken through the data and discuss the conclusions and any potential actions. The survey is also presented directly to ELEXON staff at an all staff meeting which allows staff the opportunity to see the data and ask any questions. This approach ensures that the process is open and transparent and that the Executive take actions for meeting any feedback that has raised issues or suggested improvements.

Staff survey results for 2017

The response rate to its 2017 Annual Employee Survey was 87%, slightly down on 2016 which was 88%.

The following is a summary of the results:

  • 67% of question-scores have improved since 2017
  • overall engagement is up 4 points to 79%
  • notable improvements in commitment and loyalty to ELEXON as an employer
  • impressive increase in satisfaction with various aspects of Company Leadership
  • views on various aspects of line management remain positive
  • only 2 scores have declined by more than 5 points (none by more than 10 points)
  • majority of questions (65%) score above the upper quartile norm (35% by 5 points or more)
  • only four score below the upper quartile norm by more than 5 points
  • personal engagement (mainly job enthusiasm) is down slightly – but the decline is relatively small
  • lower scores for performance feedback and for pay may need some attention
  • overall the results are very positive and congratulations to all those involved is well deserved

We use a number of external recruitment websites such as Glassdoor TotalJobs & LinkedIn. We encourage current staff and prospective candidates to write reviews about ELEXON on our Glassdoor site. We have also published access to our current Employee Survey Results on Glassdoor as part of our policy of transparency for those interested in work at ELEXON.

Staff retention

Our current staff turnover is currently 21% (2016-2017), slightly higher than we would like but we are working hard to build a desirable place of work that gives staff what they are looking for whilst employed at ELEXON.

We have introduced the following:

  • performance payments of up to 10% of basic salary
  • buying and selling annual leave
  • synchronising the annual leave cycle to the calendar year
  • generous training, development and conference budget

We understand the correlation between a desirable working culture and our staff retention levels. This awareness drives our staff development strategy so that we can attract and retain those with the skills we need.

Pay, pension and benefits

ELEXON invests significantly in training and development for its staff. This along with tight employment market and ELEXON’s defined remit results in staff retention challenges. A glance at our staff survey results indicate that we have been able to create an environment in which our staffs overwhelming recognise ELEXON as a good place to work.


We regularly review our reward packages by benchmarking within the sector and the market so that we can ensure that our pay and benefits remain attractive.


All our staffs are initially auto enrolled into our company pension scheme at; 1% staff contribution with a 2% employer contribution.  ELEXON offers an enhancement on this statutory minimum which enables staff to select the amount they wish to contribute which is then matched by the employer contribution.

Examples of pension contribution:

  • 1% staff contribution 2% employer contribution
  • 2% staff contribution 4% employer contribution
  • 3% staff contribution 6% employer contribution
  • 4% staff contribution 8% employer contribution
  • 6% staff contribution 12% employer contribution

The pension plan enables staff to contribute up to 6% with an added employer contribution. ELEXON caps its contribution at 12%. Staff can of course contribute more than 6% but without this being matched by us.

Season ticket loan

We run a season ticket scheme which will enable you to pay your travel fare in a lump sum in order to take advantage of the discount rates transport services supply. This lump sum is then deducted in installments from your monthly salary.

Childcare voucher scheme

ELEXON is able to help you with approved childcare costs using the Government childcare vouchers scheme. You can take an agreed amount per month from your salary as childcare vouchers without incurring National Insurance on this amount.

Personal computer purchasing

The Computing Scheme enables employees to receive assistance in purchasing computer equipment. This benefit helps staff spread the cost over 12 or 24 months with no credit checks and no interest charged, providing that the staff commits to an affordable monthly salary deductions.

Life assurance scheme

On joining ELEXON all permanent staffs are automatically enrolled in the Life Assurance Scheme at no cost to the individual. In the event of death in service before the age of 65, a “Lump Sum” will be paid equal to 3 times your basic annual salary to your chosen beneficiary.

Career development

ELEXON encourages staff to take advantage of training opportunities that meet their team or individual needs.

Examples of recent training:

  • Digital Strategy Planning
  • IIA Award in the internal audit planning and assurance framework
  • Bitesize Training for Managers (Employment Law Principals)

We have a relatively flat team structure and we prefer to avoid increasing the number of managers and establishing a hierarchical structure. Our focus is on individual skill-sets and developing an enjoyable and challenging role regardless of the position within ELEXON. However, this does not mean that we do not have opportunities that offer managerial experience.

Examples of recent roles:

  • Business Change Manager
  • Change Manager

In-house training

We run a number of training sessions for anyone involved in the electricity industry and you will obtain a significant amount of knowledge and skill from these. However, we also ensure managers and colleagues offer training and support based around the individual tasks for each role.

This approach will ensure that you obtain the necessary skills to do your job but also to obtain additional skills that enhance your individual skill-set.


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