Becoming an Energy Contract Volume Notification Agent

This page lists and details the step-by-step process of becoming a Energy Contract Volume Notification Agent (ECVNA). You will also learn about what qualifications are needed, the relevant costs and charges and any other information you may need to know.

What is an ECVNA

ECVNAs submit the Energy Contract Volume Notification, which is a contract between two BSC Parties stating who is buying/selling the electricity and the volume of electricity being traded. An ECVNA is the only entity that can submit energy contracts but many Trading Parties are ECVNAs in their own right.

BSC Parties must appoint an ECVNA to submit the ECVN on behalf of them and their counterparties.

Video on the ECVNA Market Entry Process

This video explains the process for entering the energy market as a ECVNA.

Video Published: October 2021
Video Length: 5 mins, 36 sec


Qualifications needed

In order to qualify as a ECVNA you will need to obtain the following qualification:

The CVA Qualification is needed to prove that ECVNAs have the ability to submit ECVNs and ensure that certain communications are received.

Waiver testing

You can waiver testing if you can reach an agreement with an existing BSC party to use their already Qualified system. You can only apply for the waiver if the Supporting Participant you intend to use is Qualified in the same role as the Qualifying participant, as stated in BSCP70.

We would require a signed letter from the system owner and then you would be able to waiver testing on basis that the system was already tested when they went through Market Entry.

Opting out

You cannot opt out of testing.


There are no costs as a ECVNAs are not a BSC Party.

Steps needed to become an ECVNA

There are only a handful of steps you will need to go through in order to become a ECVNA. Unlike other BSC Parties you will not need to join the BSC. The diagram below lists all the tasks required.

Within the individual steps there are forms that need to be completed and details about financial transactions that need to take place. You can also use the Elexon Kinnect Customer Solution, where you will be directed to all the relevant steps needed to become an ECVNA. Elexon Kinnect is a self-service gateway that offers a guided and streamlined market entry process.

Set up Authorised People

Set up Authorised People

Authorised Persons need to be created to ensure that we are aware of who within your company is authorised to carry out specific BSC activities. Further information regarding Authorised Persons and the different levels of authorisations can be found in BSCP38.

What do I need to do?

Submit a letter from a company director nominating an initial category A authorised person. The letter must be on a company stationery.

Submit a BSCP38/5.1 Form and the letter to Market Entry ([email protected]). Both part A and C must be completed by the person nominated within the director’s letter. For each additional person being authorised you will need to complete part C.

Please note that a Category ‘A’ Authorised Signatory can act on behalf of all categories. Unless there is a specific person you would like to authorise for a specific category, then please only tick ‘A’.

Order communication lines

Order communication lines

As a Party operating within the BSC arrangements you will need to be able to send and receive communications to and from Elexon and the BSC Agent systems.

​Some communications are manual (via fax, post and email) but most are sent via electronic data flows. The electronic data flows are sent and received via 2 communication methods, the High Grade Service and the Low Grade Service.

​The High Grade Service

This provides access to all services and data through private network communication. For the BMRA service, the High Grade Services provides the capability for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week near real time information to be ‘pushed’ to the service users.

Users of the High Grade service can access this data either through browser screens (using Service Provider supplied applets to refresh the screens on receipt of updates), or through a defined programmatic interface (using Tibco software) (BMRS data only).

The Low Grade Service

This provides access to all services and data through the public internet, with consequently no guarantees on access times or availability.

The Low Grade Service provides access to BMRA data through a browser, but without the automatic refresh, the users are responsible for ‘pulling’ the data for screen based access and file downloads.

​How much does it cost and how long does it take to order?

The Low Grade Service is free of charge for all Parties and takes Elexon around 5WDs to process your request. For more information on what is required please look at the Communications Requirement Document.

​The charges for the High Grade Service depend on the type of line you require and whether you require a disaster recovery line and TIBCO Software.

The current charges can be found within the Schedule of specified communications charges.

High Grade Lines in the UK take around 60WDs to install from the point of order, the time taken to install HG lines in Europe is dependent on the exact location and can be discussed at the point of order.

What do I need to do?

Place a Communication Line Request. Once you have decided which service you require you will need to place an order with Elexon. Follow either the Low Grade or High Grade order process within this diagram.

For a more detailed view of setting up communication lines, please refer to the Communication Line process diagram.

Book and complete CVA Qualification

Book and complete CVA Qualification

All BSC Parties must demonstrate their ability to communicate with BSC central systems and comply with the requirements in Section O of the BSC by completing CVA Qualification Testing as part of the market entry process. For more information on CVA Qualification testing please refer to the links below:

What do I need to do?

You will also need to refer to the CVA Qualification Checklist within BSCP70 to ensure you are prepared for testing and have the necessary validation software and business systems in place before arranging a test date.

Once you’re ready to carry out testing please complete the relevant test booking forms in BSCP70 and submit to Market Entry ([email protected]) along with a date you would like the testing to take place (10 WD lead time).

You are able to opt out of testing some or all of the required data flows and will need to specify this within the BSCP70 form, choosing to opt out of testing all or some of the data flows is done at the Party’s own risk. If you are qualifying as an ECVNA or MVRNA then testing is mandatory.

For a more detailed view of setting up communication lines, please refer to the CVA Qualification Testing diagram.

Register Party Agent role

Register Party Agent role

Before you can start trading you will need to register your Parties details within BSC Central Systems.

​The registration process can be found in detail within BSCP71.

​What do I need to do?

Download and complete the BSCP71/05 form and submit it to Markey Entry ([email protected]) at least 3WDs prior to the party registration date.

Go Live

Go Live

Getting started

The first thing to do is formally register your intent to become an ECVNA. You can do this by completing an expression of interest form. If you would like a meeting to discuss any further questions you have please state your availability in the expression of interest form, and we will arrange a meeting with you to discuss your questions or alternatively please send us an email with your questions to [email protected].

After the meeting you will be issued with an Elexon Kinnect login. From there you can start to go through the market entry process. 


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