List of all BSC Change Proposals

These pages list all Change Proposals (CP) issued since 2001. These are detailed proposals which are raised to amend CSDs and/or BSC Systems, but would not alter the BSC. They must have a clear aim, a single defined solution and contain the relevant redlined documentation changes.

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CP1591 ‘New Site Visit Check Code Valid Set value’

The implementation of Distribution Connection and Use of System Agreement (DCUSA) Modification DCP411 ‘Charging De-energised sites’ involves updating the J0024 data set by adding a new Enumeration Value.

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CP1590 ‘Enabling use of DTN agent appointments process for P434’

Enabling suppliers who may be considering the use of DTN derived Dataflows to meet the requirements to migrate their Unmetered Supply (UMS) portfolios over the 12 months up to the UMS mandate go live date.

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CP1589 ‘Create Additional Market Participant Role Codes’

Market Participant Role Code’ is a single character alphanumeric value which is used as a unique identifier for certain Market Roles. There are 36 possible Role Codes to be allocated to different Market Participant Roles, which are defined in the Market Domain Data (MDD). In order for new Market Roles to be created in the future, a change to the format of the ‘Market Participant Role Code’ Data Item is required to increase the number of available Role Codes. Moving to a two-character alphanumeric value would provide hundreds of new potential Market Participant Role Codes.

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CP1588 ‘Mandating Calibration Checks for Main and Check Meters’

This CP proposes to provide an assurance process to confirm whether a Meter Type is still operating within the allowed accuracy limits or is drifting towards, or beyond, the extreme end of the limits. It will also define the steps to be taken where an issue is identified mitigating the risk to Settlement. CP1588 originates from Issue 93 ‘Review of the BSC Metering Codes of Practice’. 

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CP1587 ‘Obsolete Metering Equipment’

Providing a process and transition period to remove unsupported assets and mitigate the risk to Settlement. 

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CP1586 ‘Defining the requirements for Minimum Burden and CT ratios’

In some cases, the Current Transformer (CT) ratios for the maximum current of the circuit is not appropriately selected, even though these ratios are vital for accurate energy settlement as they ensure safe and precise current conversion, maintain metering equipment within its optimal operating range, and uphold regulatory compliance standards. CP1586 originates from Issue 93 ‘Review of the BSC Metering Codes of Practice’.

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CP1585 ‘Submission of Half Hourly data for Embedded LDSO sites to Host LDSO’

This CP proposes that the Half Hourly Data Collector send Half Hourly data for Embedded LDSO connected sites to the Host LDSO via D0275 and/or D0036 to improve the quality of forecasting and reduce manual effort. 

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CP1584 ‘Allow non-BSC Parties to raise Change Proposals, add a CP withdrawal process and remove BCA/PACA concept’

BSC Issue 102 ‘BSC Change Process Review’ identified several improvements to align and simplify BSC Change processes on solution ownership and recommended Elexon make changes to several current processes described within BSC Procedure (BSCP) BSCP40 “Change Management”.

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CP1583 ‘Rationalising publication of European Transparency Regulation (ETR) data on Elexon Systems’

The ETR data published on the Balancing Mechanism Reporting Service (BMRS) was intended to provide additional insights to the market with approximately 40 reports currently available. This CP identifies several of these reports which are believed to be of minimal  value to Elexon’s customers as the data is duplicated in other reports, has had no data reported, or has been superseded by subsequent regulatory changes.

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CP1582 ‘Update BSCP520 on Change of Measurement Class to ensure UMSO send a D0388 with a zero charge code’

CP1582 was originally raised as a housekeeping Change Proposal (CP) to update BSCP520 ‘Unmetered Supplies Registered in SMRS’ step, as introduced erroneously by P434 ‘Half Hourly Settlement for UMS Metering Systems’], states “UMSO confirms the de-energisation date to Supplier, NHHDC and MA”’ as Non Half Hourly (NHH) Unmetered Supply (UMS) sites don’t have a Meter Administrator (MA).

Following an objection to the CP as housekeeping, and subsequent consultation period, CP1582 has been expanded to provide greater clarity and alignment with industry process for BSCP520 where a Change of Measurement Class (CoMC) event has occurred.

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