Operational Practices


This page sets out the different areas of operational practices that you need to know about when participating in the electricity market.

Balancing Mechanism Units

Balancing Mechanism (BM) Units are used as units of trade within the Balancing Mechanism. Each BM Unit accounts for a collection of plant and/or apparatus, and is considered the smallest grouping that can be independently controlled.

Trading Dispute decisions

We assess all Trading Disputes (Disputes) against the three criteria that must be met. We send our view to the Raising Party and any affected Parties. The Trading Disputes Committee (TDC) hears all Disputes that we think are valid.

Line Loss Factors

Line Loss Factors are multipliers which are used to scale energy consumed or generated to account for losses on the UK’s Distribution Networks.


Metering Systems accurately record the flow of electricity to (an Import) or from (an Export) a site. Metering System data is used to calculate energy imbalance charges. These charges are applied to BSC Parties who use more or less energy than they have contracted to buy or generate.

Supplier Hub Operations

Supplier Volume Allocation (SVA) is the set of processes used to estimate the quantity of energy used or exported by a Supplier’s customers in a given half hour (or “Settlement Period”).

Unmetered Supplies

An Unmetered Supply is any electronic equipment that draws a current and is connected to the Distribution Network without a meter recording its energy consumption.


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