Registration of Balancing Mechanism Units for EMR


What do I do if I am the Registrant of CFD or CM Assets?

There are some additional BSC obligations for Lead Parties and Registrants of CFD or CM Assets. If you are the Registrant of CFD or CM Assets you must ensure that they are allocated to a BM Unit comprised solely of the CFD Assets specified in the Contracts for Difference (CFD), or the CM Assets specified in the Capacity Agreement. The BM Unit should not contain any other assets. The BM Unit should capture the metered volumes for a specific CFD or Capacity Agreement. See BSC Section K3.18 for details.

What do I do if I have CFD or CM Assets Registered in CMRS?

There are no changes to the registration processes for BM Units registered for Plant or Apparatus registered in CMRS. If you have CFD or CM Assets registered in CMRS you should follow BSCP15 3.1.

What do I do if I have CFD or CM Assets Registered in SMRS?

If you have CM Assets registered in SMRS you do not need to register Additional BM Units. Metered volumes for Capacity Providers registered in SMRS cannot provide its metered volumes via Additional BM Units to Capacity Market (CM) settlement. From the February 2015 Release Capacity Providers are able to request its Supplier to provide its metered volumes to CM settlement via its Half Hourly Data Aggregator. Please see the directed changes to BSCP503.

If you have CFD Assets registered in SMRS, Additional BM Units need to be registered. A new Additional BM Unit registration process has been established in BSCP15 3.18.  This new process allows BSCCo to register Additional BM Units under instruction of the CFD Settlement Services Provider (CFDSSP).

This process should mean that as a Supplier, you do not need to register Additional BM Units. They will be registered on your behalf if you are on the Active Power Purchasing List (APPL). Please see the Registration of BM Units for EMR guidance for more details.

Please note that as a Supplier you are obliged to register Additional BM Units and assign the Relevant CFD Assets to the Additional BM Unit if you become the Registrant of CFD Assets registered in SMRS. See BSC section K 3.3.12.

How do I know if I’m on the Active Power Purchasing List?

You will be on the list if you recorded a Half Hourly Active Export greater than zero, or requested to be added to the list via BSCP15 3.20. You should ensure you are on this list if you think you might want to take on any customers with CFDs. To ensure you’re on the list, please email [email protected].

If you are not on the list, and you do take on a customer with a CFD, you may have limited time to register an Additional BM Unit. Without an Additional BM Unit the metered volumes cannot be provided to CFD settlement.This may affect the capturing  of CFD generators metered volumes and CFD settlement.  This cannot be corrected retrospectively and you will be in breach of the BSC.

Naming Convention for Additional BM Units Registered for CFD Assets

Additional BM Units registered for CFD Assets must follow the following naming convention for the BM Unit ID and BM Unit Name. You cannot choose your BM Unit ID or Name.

 New Additional BM Unit ID Schema for CFD Assets: eg C__ASUPP001



 Schema Element description

C_ The first two characters of the BM Unit ID will identify the type of Additional BM Unit: Supplier BM Unit for CFD Assets (C_)
_X The next two characters will be the GSP Group Id eG _A for Eastern GSP Group
XXXX The next four characters will be the Market Participant ID of the Supplier on whose behalf the Additional BM Unit is registered eg SUPP
nnn Used to identify the CFD. The number increments by one for each CFD.


New Additional BM Unit Name Schema for CFD Assets

BMU Id Prefix

BMU Name Schema



C_ {BMU Id} – {CFD Id} C__ASUPP001 – CFD12345 The CFD Id used in the CFDSSP system will be stored in the A.BMU name field. This will be provided by the CFDSSP to BSCCo. This allows the Additional BM Unit to be associated with a particular CFD for the lifetime of the CFD, by creating a relationship between the BMU Id and CFD Id (upto 16 characters long).


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