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Performance Assurance Queries and Appeals

If you disagree with part of your Risk Management Plan (RMP) (i.e. how the Performance Assurance Techniques are deployed for you), you can raise a query to the PAB.

How do I raise a query?

You need to send an email detailing your query to paa@elexon.co.uk within 10 Working Days of receiving your RMP. It should detail why you disagree with your RMP and evidence to support your query. We will confirm receipt of your query and may request further information.

The PAB will consider your query at the next available meeting and will decide whether or not it accepts it. If the PAB accepts the query we will make the appropriate revisions to your RMP.

What if I disagree with the PAB’s decision?

You can appeal the PAB’s decision if:

  • The PAB has not followed due process;
  • The PAB has over or under-emphasised on certain circumstances or evidence submitted; and
  • The PAB has misinterpreted all or some of the evidence submitted

Who can raise an appeal?

You can appeal a PAB decision if you are a BSC Party and are acting:

  • directly as a Performance Assurance Party (PAP); or
  • on behalf of the Party Agent

Your appeal should specify the reason why you believe the BSC Panel should modify your RMP and provide supporting evidence. You can send the query through to the Performance Assurance Administrator (PAA) at paa@elexon.co.uk.

The BSC Panel will decide whether it accepts the appeal at the next appropriate meeting and we will notify you of the Panel’s decision which is final and binding.

Once a query or appeal is raised, the changes to your RMP will be suspended until the PAB or BSC Panel decide to remove the suspension.