Balancing Mechanism Reporting Service Change Board (BCB)

The Balancing Mechanism Reporting Service Change Board is responsible for supporting the BSC Panel in meeting its objectives with matters relating to the BMRS processes and systems, including:

  • Considering items that relate to the reporting, publishing and collection of data and information for use on the BMRS.
  • Approving and authorising changes of those documents, processes and systems in accordance with BSCP40.
  • Providing guidance and insight on the long-term development and strategy of the BMRS platform, producing an annual strategy for presentation to the BSC Panel to this effect.

The purpose of the Board is to reduce the timescales to progress BMRS changes and reduce the burden on market participants to respond to consultations, whilst maintaining transparency and Change Management controls.

This Board is able to approve small, low risk and low impact BMRS Changes.

Meetings for this Board will take place when needed, as opposed to on a monthly basis. Attendees can also participate in meetings via conference call.  

Members for this Board cover both Trading Party nominated Members and up to two Members, which represent non-BSC Party organisations/entities which have a vested interest in BMRS and/or BSC data.

The First Meeting will be held on Wednesday 26 February 2020.


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