Unmetered Supplies contacts form

This form provides contact details for companies that fulfil Unmetered Supplies roles and functions. The contact details are for use by electricity Suppliers and customers to provide a starting point for UMS enquiries. The list doesn’t indicate a view from Elexon on the operational capabilities of the companies, and Elexon is not responsible for the outcome of any enquiries. Organisations are responsible for maintaining the contact list if changes occur. Please contact the Service Desk for queries about the administration of the list.

How it relates to you

The list below is of market participants for Unmetered Supplies for operational data flows and operational enquiries. It enables you to obtain contacts for Suppliers and Data Collectors by Market Participant ID.

Click the checkboxes for the contacts you want. Then enter your email address and click the ‘Submit’ button. The email address(es) will be emailed to you. They are for use by Market Participants only and should not be used for general enquiries. This method of providing email addresses reduces spam emails sent to our agents.

Unmetered Supplies Contacts

  • Step 1: Select contacts for your Market Participant's ID

  • Step 2: Enter your email address & click 'Submit'


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