Cash Flows data from the Trading Operations Report


The page below details highlighted Cash Flows data from the previous month, as highlighted in the Trading Operations Report (TOR). This data is acquired from BSC Agents and inputted to the Trading Operation Monitoring Analysis System (TOMAS) database.

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Party cashflows in the Settlement system

This chart shows an absolute sum of Settlement Cashflow aggregated by Party.



 In January 2021, Total Residual Cashflow Reallocation Cashflow (RCRC) reached £28m, the highest since March 2018 (£40m). Total Imbalance Cashflow reached £233m, the highest since BSC Modification P305 changed the Imbalance Price calculation on 5 November 2015. Total Balancing Cashflow increased by £3m to £133m from December 2020, the second highest in the past 13 months. 

Accepted offer cashflow/bid cashflow 

The two graphs in the sections below depict the cash flow associated with accepted bids and offers by Period and Fuel Type. It provides an insight into how much balancing actions cost and how the amount is influenced by the time of day and type of BMU used for balancing. Positive values on either graph reflect cost to the system (i.e. payments made to BSC Parties). Negative values show payments made by BSC Parties.

Accepted offer cashflow by period and fuel type


The highest Offer cashflows seen in  February 2021 occurred during Settlement Period 34 (£6.8m); 94% of the Offer cashflow in this Settlement Period went to Gas BMUs, with a further 3% to Coal BMUs.

Accepted bid cashflow by period and fuel type


The highest positive Bid cashflows occurred during Settlement Period 8 (£88,632); 75% of this cashflow went to Wind BMUs, and 24% to Pumped Storage BMUs.


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