Imbalance Volumes data from the Trading Operations Report


The page below details highlighted Imbalance Volumes data from the previous month. This data is acquired from BSC Agents and inputted to the Trading Operation Monitoring Analysis System (TOMAS) database.

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Daily Party Imbalance Volumes

This chart shows the daily totals of energy bought from the system (at System Buy Price) by Parties who were “Short”, and the energy sold to the system (at System Sell Price) by Parties who were “Long”. It also shows the average Noon- Effective Temperature to highlight any potential correlation with market conditions and imbalance volumes throughout the period.


The average of daily Imbalance Volume in April 2021 (87GWh) has increased by 5% in comparison to March 2021 (83GWh). On 5 April 2021, there was 55,389MWh of Long Imbalance Volume, which is the highest since 28 June 2021 (58,731MWh).  

Gross Monthly Party Imbalance Volume and Percentage of Total Demand

This chart plots the monthly gross Party Imbalance Volumes. A second plot shows Party Energy Imbalance Volumes as a percentage of total demand. The chart uses latest run type data.


Gross Monthly Party Imbalance Volumes decreased by 123GWh from March 2021 to April 2021. In comparison to April 2020 (3,168GWh), the Gross Monthly Party Imbalance Volumes has dropped by 20%.


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