Starting at ELEXON and HR support

The process of joining, career development and leaving is managed by the HR team who ensure that you get the information, support and guidance you need whilst employed at ELEXON. We also support your manager to ensure that they too have the skills to support you in your role.

This dual approach will ensure that you have all the support and guidance you need whatever needs or issues you encounter here at ELEXON.

Before joining

Once you have been informed that you have been successful in your application to join ELEXON you will receive both an offer letter and contract of employment.

You will receiving an email from our HR asking you to log onto our “Onboarding Portal”.

The Onboarding Portal will introduce your new team, provide you a chance read through our policies and the way we work at ELEXON. It further provides you with a chance to confirm and update the information we have about you in advance of you starting with us.

During the period that you accept the offer and join ELEXON we will keep in touch with you on a regular basis to deal with any questions that you may have.

Your first day

To make your start at ELEXON as easy as possible, you’ll spend your first day getting to know your way around. The basics you’ll cover in our structured agenda for the day include spending time with your manager, IT, facilities and HR. We will also cover our company policies and kick off your formal induction process.

During your first week, you will meet with the following colleagues and teams to help you understand some important elements of working at ELEXON.


  • ensure you read and complete any essential paperwork
  • introduce you to the self-serve HR system
  • provide you with an overview of the ELEXON benefits
  • provide you with a general outline of the staff handbook
  • show you where the key HR policies are for you to read


  • give you a tour of the office
  • take you through the emergency evacuation and fire procedures
  • schedule essential Health & Safety training
  • schedule a display screen equipment  and workstation assessment


  • set up your laptop and ensure you have access to all ELEXON systems and relevant network drives
  • explain any Internet access and restrictions
  • provide you with basic desk phone and smartphone
  • provide you will access to our 350 Service Desk and demonstrate logging an IT support call
  • schedule Information Security training

Your line manager

  • will complete an office walk around to meet ELEXON colleagues, particularly the rest of your team and key contacts for your role
  • will show you where to find relevant Local Working Instructions
  • introduce you to our intranet

Probationary period

Over your three-month induction period, you’ll gradually complete the sessions and actions in your New Starter Passport to allow you to successfully find your feet and successfully complete your probationary.

Our new starter passport ensures you get all the introductions, are fully familiar with the way we work, and get an understanding of our industry.

The New Starter Passport will provide you with the tools  to understand:

  • ELEXON’s strategic priorities and the nature of our business at an industry, company and team level
  • what you can expect from ELEXON and what your responsibilities are as an employee
  • ELEXON’s systems and processes

Meeting the CEO and Directors

We want all new starters to have the opportunity to meet with our senior managers and get to know them and their role within ELEXON. We will arrange for you to chat with our CEO and Directors as well as will team leaders.

Feedback from current staff has been very positive about the opportunity of meeting the CEO and Directors and our intention is to make everyone feel part of the community we aim to build at ELEXON.

“I was a bit daunted at the thought of meeting the CEO but it was done in a way that was very relaxed and friendly so I know see this as a natural part of working at ELEXON. It also meant that I was able to speak to our CEO on a completely 1-2-1 basis and know that he would give me his time.”

Further information

Ongoing support

During your probation period you will meet with the HR representative and your manager on a regular basis. This will allow you  so as to support you; in adjusting to your new work environment, to talk through your probation work objectives and see how you are progressing with your new starter passport.

After successfully completing On successful completion of your probation you will be supporting by your manager will continue to meet with you regularly to discuss your with ongoing performance. This is an opportunity for you to chat about working here and how you see your role progressing.

We also encourage 360 feedback from colleagues and this is an annual process for all staff, including managers.


There are plenty of training opportunities to help up-skill our staff and this is always something we encourage.

Further our employee survey results results consistently say show that our staff value the access to training that is available provided.

Retirement or leaving

We are a primarily a knowledge and information organisation and the skills our staff hold are very valuable to us. We are therefore reluctant to let any of our staff go but understand that this will happen and that we can play our part in supporting them through this process.


All leavers, if they choose, are entitled to a confidential exit interview facilitated by an independent external company. The information provided is always helpful as it gives us a greater insight into staff perceptions of how we conduct ourselves as a considerate and respectful company.


If staffs are retiring, then in addition to the standard leaving processes, we also offer additional support to help with the transition. There are pre-retirement courses you can attend in the same way as training is given to new staff. We want your retirement plans to run smoothly and will support you in any way we can.


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