BSC Insights about Supporting changes in the energy system


If significant events or changes occur within the electricity industry we will analyse and offer insight into what has happened and why. The impartial insight articles are written by our industry experts, who have a wealth of experience and knowledge. These findings are supported by a large amount of industry data.

These BSC Insights articles all relate to supporting changes in the energy system.

Elexon Insights: How flexibility markets could help trade in unused electricity and spare network capacity

Published: October 2019 Elexon is proposing that nationwide electricity ‘flexibility platforms’ are set up so that offers to provide ‘demand-side response’, or output from electricity storage facilities can be traded easily. The buyers of storage output or demand-side response (DSR) services could include local electricity Distribution Network Operators (DNOs) suppliers and businesses. What is ‘Demand-Side […]

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Elexon Insight: We could provide settlement services for low carbon heat

In this Elexon Insight Thomas Demetriades, Strategy Analyst, discusses the potential for more heat networks to be developed in Britain, and the support that Elexon could offer towards this. Published: May 2019 Findings of the Net Zero report Earlier this month the Committee on Climate Change (CCC), an independent statutory body established under the Climate Change Act […]

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Elexon Insights: Our views on the next network price controls

In this insight piece, Jeremy Caplin, Market Architect at Elexon, talks about our response to Ofgem’s consultation on the methodology it will use to reset the network price controls from 2021. Published: March 2019 Why the review Gas and electricity is transported around Britain through networks of pipes and wires. Ofgem regulates the monopoly network […]

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Elexon insights: Unlocking the benefits to end consumers

Nick Rubin looks at the transformations and challenges that exist in the electricity market and considers ways of unlocking the benefits to end consumers. This insight article was written as part of Nick’s attendance as a guest speaker at the BIEE’s Oxford Research Conference in September 2018. Published: September 2018 Nicholas Rubin and Mark Bygraves set […]

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BSC Insights: First day off for coal in 130 years…

David Thomas and Emma Tribe write about Friday 21 April 2017 which was the first day in 130 years where no electricity was generated by coal in the UK. But what’s filling the gap?

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