Smart Meter Technical Detail Report

The Smart MTD report is used to monitor compliance with BSC obligations over the foundation and mass roll-out phases of the smart Meter roll-out. 

It provides: market level performance at sending late and corrected MTDs for both Smart Metering Equipment Technical Specification (SMETS) v1.0 and v2.0 Meters;  volumes of meter installations completed by meter type; and performance at first reconciliation run for all meter types.

Please note: this report is based on Meter Technical Details sent over the Data Transfer Network. It provides an insight into market performance, but not a complete view.

Summary of the data

During October 2019 SMETS v2.0 installs constitute the majority of exchanges (76.15% of total Meter installs over the month).

The number of SMETS v2.0 installs in October 2019 Increased from 171k to 198k. The proportion of late MTDs for SMETS v2.0 exchanges has decreased (3.28% in September 2019 to 2.98% in October 2019).

The proportion of corrected MTDs for SMETS v2.0 exchanges has increased (0.21% in September 2019 to 0.26% in October 2019). The total number of SMETS v2.0 exchanges is still too low to raise concerns.

We note that in October 2019 reporting period, the number of SMETS v1.0 Meters installed decreased from 36k to 29k.

Data for October 2019 reporting period

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