Balancing Mechanism Reporting Service will be switched off on 31 May 2024

Elexon can confirm that all Balancing Mechanism Reporting Service (BMRS) endpoints will be switched off on 31 May 2024 as they have been replaced by the Insights Solution.

The Insights Solution is our new wholesale market data service, and it is now the ‘system of record’ for this data.

24/7 technical support has been available for the Insights Solution since the beginning of April 2024, meaning that any outages or issues will be dealt with promptly outside of working hours. 

£300,000 saving for BSC Parties 

On 31 March, we switched off the TIBCO service which was a legacy channel for receiving instant data from BMRS. As a result Elexon has avoided BSC Parties having to pay licence renewal and hosting costs of at least £300,000 per year.   

Anyone who wants to receive instant data from the Insights Solution can simply sign up to Insights Real-Time Information Service (IRIS). The IRIS is a free to use, cloud-based service and there are no physical network or hardware requirements for using it.  

How the saving will be returned to Parties 

The £300,000 saving will be reflected in a reduction in both the Specified Charges and Supplier Volume Allocation Charges (charged through the Funding Share), which Elexon uses to recover its costs from BSC Parties. 

Improved speed for accessing Insights Solution data 

From this month, users of the Insights Solution endpoints will benefit from improved latency from receipt at source to publication of specific data sets.   

Need support in using the Insights Solution? 

If you are a user of Elexon’s BMRS data and you need any support with using the Insights Solution please contact: [email protected].


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