BSC Panel approves the first new data set for public Peer Comparison

Last week Elexon issued a formal notice to Suppliers of additional data sets having been approved to be published under Peer Comparison. This data has been approved for publication under the provisions introduced by BSC Modification P427 ‘Publication of Performance Assurance Parties’ impact on Settlement Risk’.

The following data was approved for inclusion in routine public Peer Comparison by the BSC Panel at its meeting on 9 March 2023 in paper 336/09 ‘P427 Public Peer Comparison for Settlement Performance’, following a recommendation by the Performance Assurance Board (PAB) that this data should be made public. 

What data has been approved for routine public Peer Comparison?

  • SF Settlement Performance (HH)
  • R1 Settlement Performance (HH)
  • R1 Estimated Energy (HH)
  • R1 Total Energy Over Period (HH)
  • RF Settlement Performance (NHH)
  • RF EAC Energy (NHH)
  • RF Total Energy Over Period (NHH)
  • % Away from 99% Standard (HH)
  • Total Energy (volume) below 99% Standard (HH)
  • % Away from 97% Standard (NHH)
  • Total Energy (volume) below 97% Standard (NHH)
  • % Share of total Estimation (HH and NHH)
  • % Share of Non-Compliant Estimation (HH and NHH)
  • MSID/MPAN Count

All data items will be split by Measurements Class (MC) and Grid Supply Point (GSP) Group.

Measurement Classes are grouped as follows for Settlement Performance reporting – Half Hourly (HH) MC C, Sub100kW MC E&G, NHH and D.HH A&F, MC F.

When will the data be published?

Data will be published monthly, one month behind the latest available data.

Data will be shared with Suppliers one month ahead of publication in order to provide Suppliers with the opportunity to challenge data they believe to be erroneous. The first set of data is due to be published in May 2023, at least two months after this notice has been issued. Suppliers should therefore have sight of the draft data for review in April 2023.

How long will Elexon be publishing this data?

The BSC Panel has approved for this data to be published on an enduring basis until the BSC Panel determines publication should cease.


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