BSC Panel response to Energy Code Governance Reform: Call for Input

We have published the BSC Panel’s response to the Ofgem’s call for input on energy code governance reform. Ofgem published the call for input on 14 December. 

The Panel’s response in summary

The Panel remains very supportive of the aims of the Energy Code Reform project, however it does have concerns over the lack of progress.  

The Panel believes that BSC Parties may not have time to engage in code reforms as companies will need to manage major rule changes such as Market-wide half-hourly Settlement and the assumed outcomes of the Review of Electricity Market Arrangements (REMA).

The Panel says that the licensing of Code Managers (CMs) and Ofgem’s ability to direct those CMs to deliver on certain requirements should deliver benefits. However the benefits of replacing Code Panels with Stakeholder Advisory is less clear.

The Panel also believes that Ofgem could also consider where learnings and benchmarks from code reform in other industry sectors could be applied. 


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