Build up to go live of new Settlement Administration Agent

As part of our  Elexon Kinnect programme we have been building a new Settlement Solution which replaces services of the Settlement Administration Agent (SAA) on our new cloud platform.

The SAA is the service that performs the core settlement calculations including the system prices and daily trading charges. 

Replacing a 20 year-old system

The legacy SAA system was originally built over 20 years ago and has served our customers well in this time. It has changed over the years to handle numerous BSC Modifications and it has become more complex to alter it. The SAA is relatively slow to process data compare to modern standards and has to be scheduled carefully each day.

The new Settlement Solution will deliver a faster service

The new solution delivers a significantly faster, scalable service with enhanced data quality control while maintaining current reporting to customers so that there is a seamless transition.   

Quicker delivery of changes and scalability to support Net Zero

The modern cloud-based solution is modular in design which allows changes to be delivered more quickly to meet the evolving needs of the industry as we move towards net zero.

The solution can be scaled up if needed.  For example, in the future, we may be required to run Settlement every 15 minutes (instead of each half hour at present). The Settlement Solution could support this, and deliver the increased granularity of supply and demand data that would result from it

New Settlement Solution is operating in parallel with legacy system

The new Settlement Solution is now operating in parallel with the legacy SAA and is allowing a full demonstration and operation of the service. BSC Parties do not need to take any action, and moving to the Settlement Solution will not involve any new processes for them. When the SAA services are switched over to the new Settlement Solution, customers will continue to receive their reports and data without impact. 

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