Changes to the Elexon Portal’s password policy

From 27 February we are introducing changes to the password policy for using the Elexon Portal, which provides operational Balancing and Settlement Code data.

Improved data security

The changes will enhance the security of the data that users transfer to the Elexon Portal and other operational information that is available for download.

All users who access the Elexon Portal via a web browser or by directly submitting the REMIT data will be required to update their passwords every 90 days.

For those that use the automated scripting functionality these can be configured to accounts that do not expire. Only those who use this automation should contact the BSC Service Desk and confirm this so that the relevant configurations can be mapped.  

More background information is in Release Circular the we issued on 23 January 2020. 

When will I need to change my password?

Users will be prompted to change their password for the first time 90 days after the changes are implemented on 27 February.


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