Compliance and Protocol Approvals List Updated

The Code of Practice Compliance and Protocol Approvals spreadsheet on the Elexon website has been updated to reflect two changes that relate to Outstations.

Various Outstations

In December 2021, we received an application from the Half Hourly Data Collector (HHDC), TESG, for protocol approval of various Outstation types.

We reviewed the protocol application and noted that TESG are proposing to use MDR v3.4 as its data collection software. Since we have already approved these Outstation protocols, which are embedded within MDRv3.4, we issued a Certificate of Protocol approval to TESG.

CM Outstation Types

In November 2021, we received a request from Half Hourly Data Collector (HHDC) SP Dataserve to remove their Protocol Approvals for the CM10, CM11 and CM32 Outstation Types as they were no longer able to support these Outstations.

As a result we have removed SP Dataserve’s Protocol Approvals from the Code of Practice (CoP) Compliance and Protocol Approval list for the CM10, CM11 and CM32 Outstations.

Code documents

Elexon lists Metering Equipment and protocols whose compliance has been approved under BSC Procedure BSCP601. The CoP Compliance and Protocol Approvals document is updated when new Meter or Outstation Types are introduced.


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