Current performance issues on BMRS

We are aware that  Balancing Mechanism Reporting Service (BMRS) has not been operating to the expected service levels. We recognise that this can be both frustrating and disruptive for our customers. We have put in place a number of actions to address the issues that you have recently experienced.

Actions we are taking

  • We are assessing changes in our system to handle the increasing volumes of data
  • We have reached out to parties to enquire directly for any known reasons for the high influx of resubmissions
  • We are reviewing our system capacity as a  priority in terms of volumes and their connections to mitigate issues around BMRS in general

Background to some of the issues

One of the issues is with inefficient data submission, resulting in large volumes of repeat data, for example. This has occurred particularly with the Maximum Export Limit (MEL) data.  

The high volumes result in a backlog and slow processing without adding any new information.  While we engage users, we are also looking at changes that can be made to improve the capacity of the service to better handle data submission peaks.

Future replacement of BMRS

BMRS is going to be decommissioned in March 2024 and the new Elexon Kinnect Insights Solution will deliver the role of BMRS with a modern cloud-based platform. This will deliver a web interface, API data access in multiple formats and a real-time information service.

The Insights Solution is being released as it’s developed and a lot of the content is already available on this new website. Try out the Insights Real-time Information Service (IRIS) now for the majority of the datasets delivering a near real-time, free, publicly available push service. It will allow you to automatically receive data just seconds after it is available.

Join our user group

We’ve been working with users on the design of the Insights Solution and you’re welcome to join the Data & Reporting user group.

Removing TIBCO messaging service

The TIBCO messaging service used with legacy BMRS is likely to be decommissioned. This is a legacy service which requires a dedicated fixed communications line which is costly and unnecessary given modern technology.

We have raised a BSC Modification to consider this.


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