Decommissioning the TIBCO Service in March 2024

We have written to users of the TIBCO software service and the High Grade communications line about our intention to decommission them in March 2024.

The TIBCO software and the High Grade line supply users with near real time updates on wholesale market data from our Balancing Mechanism Reporting Service (BMRS).

Why decommission the TIBCO service and high grade line?  

We are continuing the roll out of our cloud platform, Elexon Kinnect, this year and a key component of this is the Insights Solution. The Insights Solution is  a more visual, detailed and customisable data service which will replace the legacy BMRS. We expect to decommission BMRS in March 2024.

Our new real-time information service for wholesale market data

In December 2022 we completed migration of six data sets from the BMRS to the Insights Solution. We also launched the Insights Real-time Information Service (IRIS), a free ‘push’ service that will deliver all of the Insights Solution datasets in a scalable cloud-native architecture. 

The IRIS provides an alternative to the legacy BMRS Data Push Service and TIBCO without having to use the costly, on-premises high grade communications link which users rely on to receive these.  So far 108 subscribers have signed up for the IRIS.

BSC Modification for removal of the High Grade service

In November 2022, the BSC Issue 95 Workgroup recommended that the BSC Panel raise a Modification proposing the removal of Elexon’s obligation to provide BMRS data through the High Grade Service.

Removal would result in significant savings for both BSC Parties. It is expected that the Panel will raise the Modification at its meeting on 13 April 2023.

TIBCO users should get involved in the Modification process

We believe that it is essential that TIBCO users share their views on the proposal by joining the Modification Group when it is launched, or by responding to the consultation on the proposal. 

We will notify users of the opportunities to join the Work Group and respond to the consultation, through updates to the BSC Change mailing list, and our weekly newsletter, Newscast.

See our letter to TIBCO users in full


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