Join the Imbalance Settlement Group Committee to help oversee ISG processes

We are looking for new members for the Imbalance Settlement Group (ISG) Committee.

What does the ISG do?

The Imbalance Settlement Group (ISG) is responsible for overseeing the operation of the Imbalance Settlement processes and systems in the Central Volume Allocation (CVA) Market to make sure settlements to all parties are correct and fair.

The processes are associated with the operation of the Central Services Agents:

  • Balancing Mechanism Reporting Agent (BMRA)
  • Central Data Collection Agent (CDCA)
  • Central Registration Agent
  • Energy Contract Volume Aggregation Agent (ECVAA)
  • Settlement Administration Agent (SAA)
  • Funds Administration Agent (FAA)
  • Interconnector Administrator

When are ISG meetings?

ISG meetings are held virtually on the first Tuesday of every month. Typically each meeting lasts between one to two hours with around six papers discussed, and provides a great opportunity to talk about industry issues with peers and propose solutions. In the last year, the ISG met nine times for a total of ten hours.

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If you have any further questions, please email [email protected].


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