Digital Code upgraded with new features

We have upgraded the Digital Code with some additional features to help you find the information you need from the BSC.

We have added a new Advanced Search which allows you to build complex queries, such as find all paragraphs that contain the words meter reading and do not contain the word validation, or find all paragraphs that contain the words meter reading and also the exact phrase allocated to the wrong register.  The service can be accessed by clicking on the Advanced Search button underneath the main search box.

Historic versions of documents

You can now view historic versions of documents.  Currently, only versions that have been released since the Digital Code went live are available.  Where historic versions of documents are available the words Previous Versions will appear underneath the description of the document in the document list.  You can use the arrows on the right hand side of the list box to expand or collapse the list of available versions of each document.

Settlement Software documents

An additional tile has been added to the homepage to allow us to incorporate the Settlement Software documents identified in the Baseline Statement into the Digital Code.

User guide

We have also added a user guide for the Digital Code under the Guidance Notes tile.  This explains how to use all the features in the Digital Code, and will be updated as we continue to add more functionality.

Enhancements to search and documents

We have made a number of small improvements such as keeping the search term in the standard search box so that you can edit it to do another search, and increasing the flexibility of what related documents and links we can add to a main document.


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