Flow data from Britain’s newest interconnector link now available

Instant data on electricity flows across the new 1.4 GW Viking interconnector is now available from Elexon. The Viking Link is the world’s longest land and subsea electricity cable, connecting the East of England with Denmark.

Making the flow data for the Viking Link available is important so that Elexon can continue to provide more transparency to anyone that monitors the electricity market.

On our Insights Solution, you can now see electricity flow data for the Viking Link, alongside data for Britain’s other eight interconnectors.

You can view this on the ‘generation by fuel type data’ and the ‘interconnector flows’ sections of the Insights Solution. The data is updated at five and 30 minute intervals.

The Insights Solution is our new wholesale market data service. It offers a more visual, detailed and customisable data experience.

All of the same data for the Viking Link will also be available on our legacy data platform, the Balancing Mechanism Reporting Service.

Please note that the Insights Solution will completely replace the BMRS when it is switched off later this year.


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