Get involved with the Performance Assurance Working Group

Calling all industry members – we want your input as members of our Performance Assurance Working Group (PAWG). The PAWG is one of several working groups set up by Elexon to deliver the technical overview of the Market-wide Half Hourly Settlement (MHHS) scope.

What does PAWG do?

The focus of PAWG is to deliver a framework for Parties that is appropriate to the new MHHS services. The group supports the Performance Assurance Board (PAB) by considering Code and other Changes required to ensure they are ready for MHHS, Qualification, migration and implementation. The areas of focus include:

  • Performance Standards and Supplier Changes
  • Performance Reporting
  • Data Cleanse planning
  • Qualification for transition and enduring operation
  • Trading Disputes
  • Performance Assurance Framework management
  • BSC Audit

Becoming a PAWG member

Join the MHHS PAWG to assist with providing recommendations and assessing the scope of The Programme. Meetings are held virtually once a month.

To sign up, please email [email protected]


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