Give your feedback on the MHHSP Qualification tranche timeline

The draft Market-wide Half-Hourly Settlement Programme (MHHSP) Approach and Plan states that participants will be allocated to Qualification tranches in May 2024. The Code Bodies want your feedback on the allocation timeline and approach by Tuesday 2 May 2023.

The Qualification tranche timeline

The draft MHHSP Qualification Approach and Plan was discussed at the April Qualification Working Group, following participants declaring which Qualification tranche they expect to be ready for in the first week of February 2024. There were differing views on the suggested timeline with tranche allocation taking place in May 2024. 

See the draft MHHSP Qualification Approach and Plan

First view: keep tranche allocation requests in February 2024 and feedback in May 2024

Some participants felt that tranche allocation requests should be in February 2024, with feedback in May 2024, as if it happened earlier organisations might not have agreed firm commercial positions with third parties. They stated that bringing tranche allocation forward would increase the likelihood of all participants stating they were ready for earlier tranches, then requiring the allocation to be amended.

Second view: tranche allocation requests should happen as early as possible

Other participants wanted tranche allocation to happen as early as Code Bodies can facilitate it, so that participants have more certainty in their plans, while still allowing declarations to continue up until February 2024.

Further feedback

We also received feedback from the QA&P consultation that operating on a first-come-first-serve basis may risk receiving rushed answers. To mitigate this, the Code Bodies intend to release the questions in advance of accepting responses. 

How to give your views on the timing of tranche allocation

If you have any questions or you’d like to give feedback on the timing of tranche allocation please email [email protected] by Tuesday 2 May 2023. The most suitable approach for the majority of participants will then be identified and put in place. 


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