Register an interest in the Network Gas Supply Emergency Settlement Validation Committee

Elexon is inviting industry participants to register their interest in joining the Network Gas Supply Emergency Settlement Validation Committee (NGSESVC). Please note that there is no immediate requirement for this committee.


Modification P448 ‘Protecting Generators subject to Firm Load Shedding during a Gas Supply Emergency from excessive Imbalance Charges’ was raised due to the recent significant increase of gas shortages during winter 2022/23 which subsequently threatens the production of electricity from gas Generators.

Under P448, gas-fired Generators will be protected from BSC Imbalance Charges if the Load Shedding prevents them from delivering contracted positions agreed prior to the receipt of the Load Shedding instruction.

If a Network Gas Supply Emergency (NGSE) event were to occur, Generators subject to Load Shedding would be required (for the duration of the NGSE) to submit Final Physical Notifications (FPN) to National Grid ESO that reflected their contractual position prior to the Load Shedding instruction. 

The P448 process would then settle the Load Shedding instructions as Bids, in order to ensure the Generator was not subject to electricity Imbalance Charges as a result of not being able to deliver the FPN.

The Network Gas Supply Emergency Settlement Validation Committee (NGSESVC) would meet after the NGSE to verify the Settlement data and determine whether the data should be amended. The committee would have the power to either:

  • Amend the FPNs if it is not satisfied that they reflect the contractual position prior to receipt of the Load Shedding Instruction
  • Amend the Bid Price if it is not satisfied that it reflects the net saving in Avoidable Costs from not being able to generate.

What happens if I register my interest?

Elexon will add you to the NGSESVC distribution list and, at the time committee is required, you will receive communications to invite you to formally apply to become a committee member.

Elexon will also be in contact regularly to confirm you are still interested in being on the NGSESVC distribution list and to update contact information if it has changed.

Please note, registering your interest does not mean you will automatically become a committee member if the NGSESVC is required.

How to express interest

If you or a colleague would like to be added to the NGSESVC distribution list, or you have any questions, please email [email protected] before 21 April 2023 with the following details:

  • Your name
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Company name
  • Job title


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