Market-wide Half Hourly Settlement Qualification documents submitted for approval

Elexon and the Retail Energy Code (REC) are submitting three Market-wide Half Hourly Settlement (MHHS) Qualification Documents to their respective Performance Assurance Boards (PAB) for approval. The documents will go to the REC PAB on Tuesday 26 March, and the BSC PAB on Thursday 28 March.

Which documents are being submitted for approval?

The Code Bodies Assessment Criteria for Qualification outlines the Market Wide Half Hourly Settlement requirements for Qualification during the MHHS Programme. Once the Assessment Criteria is approved by the PAB, it will be published on the MHHSP website, alongside the Retail Energy Code (REC) Assessment Criteria.

The Qualification Approach and Plan (QA&P) defines the purpose of Qualification, and outlines the overarching plan and requirements for Programme Participants. The QA&P will be updated as further Qualification artefacts are released, until a final version is taken to both BSC and REC PABs for approval in August 2024. Once the latest version of the QA&P has been approved, it will be made available on the MHHS Website.

The Qualification Assessment Document (QAD) outlines the necessary information and evidence for all Suppliers, Supplier Agents, Meter Equipment Managers (MEMs), and Licensed Distribution System Operators (LDSOs) to provide to Code Bodies. This enables them to attain MHHS Qualification and operate within the new arrangements. Once the QAD has been approved, it will be made available on the MHHS Website.

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