Maximum Export Limit data on BMRS and Insights Solution

Following the issues mentioned in Elexon Circular EL03922 we have recently deployed a fix that addresses the issue with processing of large volume of Maximum Export Limit (MEL) data on our Balancing Mechanism Reporting Service (BMRS).

Continuing work on this data on BMRS

We have implemented the first part of the solution and based on our testing in the last two weeks, we are satisfied that the BMRS application can handle the trend of increased levels of MEL data.

We will continue to monitor closely to maintain the expected performance level before applying the fix to Maximum Import Limit (MIL) data.

We plan to deploy a similar solution in the next few days on MIL data and we will provide a further update once this is completed.

Alternative to using BMRS

You can access MEL and MIL data on the Elexon Insights Solution, our new wholesale market data service,
which will replace the BMRS.

There are two specific pages on the Insights Solution for viewing MEL and MIL data:

More information on how to access the data via the Insights Solution APIs and the Insights Realtime Information Service (IRIS) was published in an article on our website.

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