New BSC Service Status Dashboard

We have launched the new BSC Service Status Dashboard today (20 November) so that Parties can see an up to the minute view of whether there are any issues with the BSC services that we provide.

Accessing the Service Status Dashboard

Which BSC services feature on the dashboard?

The website provides the current status for the following services and indicates whether any planned maintenance is being carried out: 

  • Balancing Mechanism Reporting Service 
  • Energy Contract Volume Aggregation Agent (ECVAA) 
  • The Kinnect Customer Solution 
  • The Supplier Volume Allocation Agent 
  • The Settlement Administration Agent 
  • The Funds Administration Agent 
  • Central Registration Agent  
  • Central Data Collection Agent 

Receiving alerts about individual systems

If you want to subscribe to alerts about any of the eight individual systems, click ‘View Service’ and fill out your email address in the ‘follow this page’ box.   

Elexon’s Circular service continues as normal

The new dashboard does not replace the Elexon Circulars which advise BSC Parties about any outages, issues or changes related to our services. 

Our circulars will still continue to provide detailed information about any service issues, and advice for Parties about the impacts of these, and what they need to do.  

Questions or feedback

If you have any questions, or feedback on the status page, please contact the Elexon BSC Service Desk. 


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