New features added to the digital code

We launched our digital code site in April 2022 to recreate 460 Balancing and Settlement Code (BSC) documents in a far easier to browse format. The digital code is now the single source for BSC documents and around 400 people are using it each day. The PDFs of all of the code documents have been retired from main BSC website ( and will now redirect you to the digital code equivalent.

New features

We have added two new features to the site:

Defined Terms

Defined terms are specific definitions for roles, concepts or activities in the BSC.  On the digital code site you can now click on defined terms and see the definition in the right-hand column

  • You can toggle this feature on and off
  • You can toggle superscript/subscript meanings on and off for any algebraic terms.

Sometimes the BSC has different definitions for the same term depending on which section you are reading. The digital code can now works out which definition applies based on what you are currently looking at and it shows you that definition as the primary definition. You also have the option to toggle secondary definitions on and off if you want to see how they are defined elsewhere in the code.


You can now click on cross-references (such as ‘in accordance with paragraph 3.2.1’) and have them presented in a box on the right-hand side of the page.

You can click up to five cross-references to keep key references on the screen, or create a thread of cross-references. This is useful as each new cross-referenced paragraph references yet another paragraph. 

  • You can maximise the box for a cross-reference to more easily read it and see images and tables, or click ‘Read More’ to open the entire section in a new tab
  • You can minimise, close and adjust the width and height of the cross-reference boxes.

Send feedback about the new features

You can let us know what you think of the new features by filling out this three-minute survey.

Ongoing work

We have some work to complete the Guidance Notes on the digital code, as some don’t fit well the new site. In the meantime you may need to still use PDF versions of some of guidance notes, which you can find on the site.  You can now also download BSC Procedures (BSCPs) forms from the site.

Accessing the Digital Code site


Click on the X next to any of the icons to replace them with a short-cut link to the page you are currently on or search for a specific page.