New Insights Solution ‘data push’ service goes live

The Elexon Insights Solution data platform Real-time Information Service (IRIS) is now available.   

What is the Insights Solution? 

The Insights Solution is our cloud-based wholesale market data service which will  eventually replace the BMRS once all the datasets are migrated on the new platform. The product roadmap aims to deliver all the data by the end of 2023 and decommission of the BMRS will begin thereafter.  

The Insights Solution uses cloud technology to create an improved, more detailed, and customisable data service based on open data principles and best practice. 

Value of the real-time ‘data push’ service 

IRIS is a near real-time, free, publicly available ‘push’ service that will deliver all of Insights Solution datasets in a scalable cloud-native architecture, with a minimum of 99.9% uptime. It is based on the Advanced Message Queuing Protocol (AMPQP) open-source standard. IRIS will provide an alternative to legacy BMRS Data Push Service and TIBCO without having to use the costly, on-premises high grade communications link which users rely on to receive these. 

This means that it in the long term it will be cheaper for Elexon to resource the IRIS solution, resulting in lower costs for data provision all round.  

All of the data that is now available on the Insights Solution will be available through the IRIS. And as each remaining data set is migrated from BMRS to the Insights Solution over the coming year, it will also be made available through IRIS.  

We have trialled the prototype with members of the Data & Reporting User group and based on the feedback from an early tester, we are now launching IRIS to all early adopters who can start integrating IRIS within their processes, instead of BMRS real time updates. In line with our agile approach to developing the Insights Solution, we will keep improving the IRIS throughout next year.  

Feedback from an early user 

“The new IRIS service is a great step forward. From our testing so far, we’ve found that it’s more stable and offers more modern data formats. The Elexon team are also great to work with and are consistently making improvements. We’re excited for the final release.” 


Data from BMRS that has been migrated to the Insights Solution: 

The following data sets have now been migrated: 

  • Short Term Operation Reserves Balancing Mechanism data by BMUs (Physical, Dynamic, 
  • Bid Offer and Balancing Services Volume Data). 
  • Net Balancing Services Adjustment Data (NETBSAD) 
  • Disaggregated Balancing Services Adjustment Data Adjustment Actions (DISBSAD) 
  • Market Index Prices
  • Indicative Peak Demand 

More information about the Insights Solution

The new REMIT publishing service 

We are now starting the design work to publish Regulation on Wholesale Energy Market Integrity and Transparency (REMIT) data on the Insights Solution website and APIs, from early 2023. This is the next development phase for the Insights Solution.  

BMRS currently provides the Inside Information Platform (IIP) for GB which allows companies to disclose information on electricity infrastructure outages.  

The new REMIT publishing service on the Insights Solution will not change the way in which Market Participants submit REMIT data to Elexon or National Grid ESO. Instead, it will provide an improved experience for consuming REMIT data on the Insights Solution, running in parallel with the BMRS REMIT publishing service.  

Get involved in development of the Insights Solution feature  

If you are interested in helping the development of the Insights Solution, sign up to join our Data Reporting User Group  

More information about REMIT  


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