Podcast: CP1527 ‘Increasing data storage capacity for Settlement Outstations’

Lead Analyst for Change Proposal 1527, Fungai Madzivadondo, talks about the possibility of increasing the minimum data storage capacity for Settlement Outstations and mandate specific selectable integration periods for Metering Codes of Practice.

Listen to the podcast

Listen to the complete CP1527 podcast:

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About Change Proposal 1527

It is viewed that minimum meter data storage requirements for Settlement Outstations is low, which could result in omitted data being overwritten. This problem was first identified in Issue 80 Workgroup.

The Workgroup also identified it would be a proactive step in supporting a future move to a 15 minute settlement period as halving the integration period would double the amount of meter data Outstations would have to store.

Parties or Agents who purchase or install Outstations need to be aware of this Change Proposal.


Responses for CP1527 are invited. Find out how to respond and get more information about ‘Increasing the minimum data storage capacity for Settlement Outstations’.


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