Possible CAP decrease to £54/MWh – have your say

The CAP (Credit Assessment Price) could decrease to £54/MWh from the last notified value of £64/MWh. This is your chance to have your say regarding the new proposed price.

If the new proposed price of £54/MWh is agreed, it will come into effect on Tuesday 23 March 2021. It will increase the last updated CAP value of £64/MWh, which will come into effect on Tuesday 23 February 2021.

Impacts of a CAP change

The change can affect the level of Credit Cover that you are required to lodge, so we encourage you to respond to the consultation.

Get involved

Find out more information, including when the new CAP could be implemented and how to respond by visiting the consultation page.

Please submit your responses to the Credit Committee by 17:00 on 2 March 2021.

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