Suppliers to register MSID Pairs for Additional Primary BM Units providing Balancing Services

If you are a Supplier that has Additional BM Units with the Final Physical Notification (FPN) Flag set to Yes, then you will need to register any existing or future MSID Pairs.

Suppliers that need to register their MSID Pairs must send the MSID Pair allocation (P0278) to the SVAA by the deadline of 6 October 2022.

Process details

You must submit your P0278 MSID Pair Allocation(s) at least 7 Working Days in advance of the Effective From Settlement Date (EFSD) of the MSID Pair.

The process for allocating your MSID Pair to the Additional Primary BM Unit is contained in BSCP602: SVA Metering System Register and Asset Metering System Register – section 2.1.

Your MSID Pair should go live from the EFSD on which you provide Balancing Services to the NETSO, which could be either be the same date as your Additional Primary BM Unit is initially registered, or a later date, where, for example, you may change the FPN Flag from N to Y. 

Until the self-service MSID Pair Allocation(s) upload functionality is available through our new customer platform, Suppliers will need to submit their MSID Pair Allocation(s) (using Elexon’s standard P0278 template) to the Supplier Volume Allocation Agent (SVAA) at [email protected].

The SVAA will then validate those MSID Pairs Allocation(s) and provide a response, in the form of either a P0279 – Confirmation of MSID Pair Allocation, or a P0280 – Rejection of MSID Pair Allocation.

Why do I have to register MSID Pairs?

Suppliers, VLPs and AMVLPs that participate in the BM must register MSID Pairs to ensure that the MSIDs are only providing Balancing Services through one Party or one VLP.

Prior to the introduction of Wider Access, an MSID could only ever be associated with a single Primary BM Unit.

Since the introduction of Wider Access an MSID could be associated with a Primary BM Unit or a Secondary BM Unit that is providing Balancing Services in addition to being registered in a Primary BM Unit for Settlement purposes.

Therefore Suppliers with Additional Primary BM Units that participate in the BM must register their MSID Pairs.

The MSID Pairs form the Supplier Volume Allocation (SVA) Metering System & Asset Metering System Register, for use by the SVA Agent (SVAA) in validating submissions of MSID Pair Allocations to the SVA Metering System Register & Asset Metering System Register, as outlined in BSCP602.


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