MHHS Qualification Plan presented to Suppliers and Supplier Agent representatives

Code Bodies presented the MHHS Qualification Plan to Suppliers and Supplier Agent representatives in an extraordinary Qualification Working Group (QWG) meeting on Monday 27 November.

The Qualification Plan provided the current position for Supplier and Supplier Agent Qualification alongside the Qualification Approach & Plan (QAP) and the Qualification Assessment Document (QAD) timelines.

Qualification Plan

The Qualification Plan explained in detail:

  • The flexible Wave approach to Qualification Testing (replacing the Tranche Approach where BSC Parties were assigned to slots for qualification testing)
  • The Qualification Plan on a Page
  • Qualification work stream deliverables
  • Pre-Qualification Submissions and
  • Qualification Assessment Document (QAD) Submissions.

Next steps

The Qualification Plan will also be presented to the MHHS Programme Steering Group (PSG) on 6 December, and the MHHS Qualification Working Group on 12 December.

Where to find out more information

The slides and the recording of the meeting of the extraordinary QWG session will be made available on the QWG Area on the MHHS Programme Collaboration Base  on 27 November.

Pease note that this link is to the MHHS Programme website and you will need to have been granted access to listen to the recording and see the slides.


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