Video: BSC Change on their updated ways of working

The BSC Change team have published a new video outlining the changes to their ways of working they have made in the last year. This is based on feedback they received from BSC Parties.

This includes making the process of responding to consultations easier, merging the Imbalance Settlement Group (ISG) and Supplier Volume Allocation Group (SVG) so that changes can be approved faster, and simplifying the BSC Modification proposal form.

Why BSC Change are updating their processes

The BSC Change team constantly review the way they operate and seek constant feedback from Parties in our annual Customer Survey. Last year, whilst Parties were happy with the way Changes are progressed, they did request more simple and timely communications.

The industry is also seeing more change which needs to be processed faster. This is being driven by new market entrants, Significant Code Reviews from Ofgem, demands from EU legislation, and the Government’s commitment to reaching Net Zero by 2050.

All of this means that BSC Change are constantly reviewing their ways of working to find better ways of progressing changes and supporting BSC Parties.

Better support for BSC Parties

The BSC Change team have published a new video outlining the changes they have made to their ways of working over the last year. Following feedback from our Parties in our annual Customer Survey, the changes include finding new ways to progress BSC Change and supporting Market Participants. They have also been working in a number of areas to improve Parties’ experience of the Change process. Improved areas include:

  • new ways of reporting
  • improved governance
  • updated communication and engagement
  • planning future changes now

Watch the new video to find out more

Length:  5 min, 9 sec.


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