Workaround for loading Market Domain Data version 338

Please note that there was an error within the blue text in the original Circular sent on Thursday 10 August. This has since been amended in the version in the online archive.

Please refer to the below information to make manual adjustments.


We have identified an issue pertaining to the most recent MDD D0269 and D0270 files. This issue stems from a missing postcode for the EMEB MPID and role code Y.

Elexon will correct this issue in MDD Version 339, which is scheduled for release on 20 September 2023.

Manual adjustment process

While awaiting this resolution, it may be necessary to implement the subsequent manual adjustment prior to loading the D0269 and D0270 files into your systems.

Please amend the row highlighted in red to the row in blue so the correct details are included i.e. containing the missing postcode.

D0270002/ D0270004

MAP|0|EMEB|East Midlands Electricity plc|EMEB
MPR|1|Y|20230816||| – Line 12
MPR|1|Y|20230816|||CV4 8LG

D0269002/ D0269004

MAP|0|EMEB|East Midlands Electricity plc|EMEB
MPR|Y|20230816||| – Line 61359
MPR|Y|20230816|||CV4 8LG

Help and support

If you require further information, please contact the BSC Service Desk.


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